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We Deal in all kinds of heavy machinery filters, mechanical and electrical parts. We provide the best filters and spare parts for heavy machinery, Generators, Forklifters, Industrials, Aeroplane, Ships.

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Our Filter Related Services include fuel-water separators, Air-Oil Separators, Hydraulic Water Separators, and all types of transmission filters for heavy machinery and marine engines.

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We are Specialized in all kind of Heavy Machinery, Generators , Compressors, Fork lifters, Cranes , Wheel Loaders, Truck , Tractors , Bus and Dumpers.

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Pall Filters

Being the first line of defense to protect your engine, a filter is a component of your car not to be overlooked. Want to ensure your engine keeps performing at its best?

Add filter replacements to your checklist for the next round of car maintenance if it’s been a while since you had these serviced. And if you’re unsure what filters to choose, we suggest Pall filters for unmatched performance and durability!

Find top Pall products right here at Super Zaheer Autos. Our primary goal is to give you products that execute the purification of fluids within your car to protect it and your peace of mind!

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Pall’s Green-Focused Filters

Why buy Pall products? The brand doesn’t just produce filters that minimize waste entering your car’s engine but also provides eco-friendly filtration solutions. From the materials and manufacturing of the filters to the emission-control results these generate, Pall is successful in its mission to build a sustainable future.

Shop Pall products online with a feel-good attitude knowing that not only are you equipping your car with one of the globally-renowned brands’ high-quality filters, but also doing your part in protecting your environment!

Our Pall Filters Range

Looking for legit Pall products? At Super Zaheer Autos, we have the best of Pall Corporation’s oil and lube filters. Choosing filters from a global leader in superior filtration technology means that your car is bound to run smoothly every time, with larger service intervals and low downtime! 

·       High Flow Particulate Filters

The high pressure of oil, fuel, and air flowing into your car means that there’s impact. With it may be the entry of impurities in your engine. Pall filters are designed to control that impact and prevent contamination from passing to the primary components of your car.

·       Hydraulic Filters

Meticulous cleanliness is at the heart of a well-functioning engine with less wear and tear. Pall’s filters for hydraulics systems play an effective role in the lifespan of your engine.


·       Oil & Lube Filters

Need to stop free and dissolved impurities in the lube oil and fuel entering your car’s engine? Buy Pall filters online to prevent the damaging effects of external and internal particulate contaminants in your oil and fuel systems.


Buy Pall Products Online In Pakistan At Super Zaheer Autos

Amazing engine performance and ease to meet maintenance requirements of your car – these are the perks of choosing pall filters! Browse our collection today to find what you need or talk to a Super Zaheer Autos expert.


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